Warning: Do not let your dog eat this – this puppy died within 30 minutes!

There are always hidden dangers out there, anyone who owns a dog knows this to be true. It can happen when you least expect it, your dog eats something which later makes them sick. It’s very important to keep a close eye on what your puppy is putting in its mouth.

David O’Connor wants to warn every dog owner about the hidden poison that killed his beloved puppy ‘Bell’.

David was walking his 9-month-old spaniel Bell along the River Conon, in the Highlands of Scotland, when Bell stopped to take a drink.

Bell drank from the river but little did her owner know the danger in the water. Thirty minutes later his beloved puppy had died.

The puppy sadly died within 30 minutes of eating this killer algae, it was dried up on the banks of the HIghland river, who would have thought it?

Warning to others
Now David has an important message for all dog owners.

“Warning to all dog owners. We lost our pup today after she ate some blue/green algae at the river Conon. The falling river and hot weather has created a danger which sadly we were not aware of. All dog owners please be aware as this is such a tragedy for Bell and our family,” David wrote on Facebook .

“From the first time she was sick to her passing away was under 30 minutes. I don’t want any other families to go through what we did,” he said, according to Inverness Courier.

The substance is commonly referred to as blue-green algae but it’s proper name is cyanobacteria. It can also sometimes look like green-blue flakes in the water or not be visible at all. It’s a very toxic substance that also poses a danger to fish.

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