Two-Year-Old Absolutely Nails His Basketball Free Throws

Many parents spend lots of time and money on summer camps, brand named shoes, intense training, etc., in hopes of a basketball star career for their kids. At only 23 months old, Calvin just needs a soft pillow to stand on, a bin of balls and few high fives to make it happen.

In this video we see the talented little boy from Westerville, Ohio in his glory. As he wobbles barefoot to keep his balance, Calvin throws a confident one handed airball from the second story balcony in his home. Swish! If that doesn’t impress you, he continues to shoot more balls and makes an additional three hoops…in a row! He makes it look so easy as we hear the glee and encouragement of his mom and dad.

Not only is Calvin amazing at basketball, but also baseball, football and frisbee! He already has a following of fans who support him on social media, viral videos, and has been recognized by many sports outlets and athletes.

In this case, I’d say the terrible 2’s look pretty terrific! You really have to see all the amazing shots he makes to believe it.

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