Twin Brothers Both In Dire Need Of Liver Transplants… One Lives & The Other Is Forced To Say Goodbye

We don’t always have explanations why things happen. We lose people we love and we don’t know how God could let something like this happen to a good person. We question God’s motives and even our faith. But when we pray and ask God for the answers, we always feel His comforting presence and we know that everything will be okay. Twin brothers Nick and Devin Coats were best friends. Growing up they were inseparable and did everything together. Sadly both twins were diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and needed a heart transplant.

The wait was on and both brothers hoped to get a new lease on life. Unfortunately, before he could get a donor, Nick developed liver cancer and got too sick to be able to receive a transplant. In January, Devin finally received a liver and underwent the transplant surgery. Devin had got a second chance at life. But then things turned sad again for the family as Nick lost the battle and passed away recently.

The boys’ mother, Margi, broke the news to the world about Nick’s death on social media. The loss of her eighteen-year-old son left her with a terrible heartache and feeling like her life had been severed. Margi went on to say that she found comfort in the fact that they will see each other again someday. Margi also asked for prayers for Devin. Devin now had a new lease on life but had to go on without his brother and best friend and he was feeling the loss deeply. We pray that Nick’s soul rests in peace in the arms of the Lord and that Devin gets stronger and lives a healthy life.

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