Truck driver dies after putting himself in harm’s way to save the lives of others

With no thought for his own safety, the brave 63-year-old truck driver managed to save the lives of the strangers around him. His concern for others led him to make the ultimate sacrifice, laying down his own life to save theirs.

He is now, rightly so, being hailed a hero and news of his bravery is spreading across the nation.

Truck Driver Randall McDougal was driving his commercial carrier truck on the 88-mile journey from El Dorado to Texarkana.

The 63-year-old realized while driving down the road that his truck brakes were on fire.

His truck was carrying hazardous nitrate of ammonium — a extremely explosive substance used in fertilizer. Realizing the risk he called 911 right away.

Randall then parked his truck in a remote area, fearing that at any time his truck might explode.

He could have easily ran away from the scene and saved his life but instead he was trying to make sure others were out of harm’s way.

The truck driver then tried to put the fire out himself, officials said.

When firefighters arrived at the scene to move nearby residents out of harm’s way they saw Randall return to his truck.

Tragically, the truck exploded as he got near the vehicle. Taking his life in the explosion.

The impact of the fatal explosion was so powerful that the surrounding trees were leveled to the ground and a massive 15-foot crater was created in the middle of the highway, according to The Epoch Times.

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin tweeted his condolences to Randall McDougal’s family.

‏“My thoughts & prayers go out to all affected, especially the family of the victim killed in the tragic explosion near Camden,” he said in a Twitter post.

Now Randall McDougal is being hailed a hero on social media.

“Most would have run–that man IS a hero, and I cried reading the reporting that day. He did everything he could to get people away and tried to put the fire out himself,” one user wrote.

Find out more about this tragic story in the video below.

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