Tim Tebow sees date he turned down for prom on ‘Tonight Show’ – leaves mom in tears when he asks her for a dance

Judy Adams is a high school student with special needs, and like many young people attend Tim Tebow’ Foundation’s Night to Shine – a prom for special needs kids – held every year on the Friday before Valentine’s Day.

Judy was raised by her mom not to see her differences as deficits, but as unique strengths worth celebrating. That great attitude empowered her to reach for the stars recently and ask the football star himself to be her date for the evening.

A work conflict kept the famed, former quarterback from saying yes, but instead, he invited Judy and her mom to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

To the surprise and delight of Judy and her mother, Tim made up for his refusal and asked the young woman to dance with him. Corsage in hand, Tim asks for a “special girl” to join him on the soundstage for a dance.

“Judy Adams, I was wondering if maybe I can have a dance,” Tebow asked.

To the applause of the crowd and as the band played Tim spun around the dance floor while mom cried tears of joy in the audience as she looked on.

Tim’s generous heart and over the top gesture gave this girl a night to remember and a smile that shines on.

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