‘This is what bullying does’: Mother’s heartbreaking Facebook post shows the impact of bullying

A mother’s heartbreaking Facebook post about the effects of bullying has gone viral.

Earlier in the week, Carrie Golledge revealed that for months now, her six-year-old daughter Sophia had been vomiting up to 20 times a night because of stress caused by no stop bullying at her school.

Golledge uploaded a photo of her daughter in a hospital bed asleep detailing the emotional and physical toll bullying has taken on her daughter.

“This is what bullying does,” she wrote. “This is my 6-year-old daughter, hospitalized due to bullying…”

Golledge says her daughter has become physically ill due to all the stress caused by the bulling. All the worry made her daugheter unable to eat or sleep.

“This is my child who has stopped eating, has cried herself to sleep, had anxiety so severe she’s up sick over 20 times an hour through the night.”

In a facebook post which has now been shared more than 285,000 times, Golledge stated that she has taken her child to the hospital several times because of her anxiety. Despite her daughter telling school authorities about the bully, she was told repermanded for telling ‘stories’.

The worried mother goes on to say that even the adults involved have been no help, as the bully’s parents have “mocked” her daughter on social media.

The school wrote the bullying off as “6-year-olds being 6-year-olds,” forcing the family to eventually change schools, according to Golledge

“This is my child who was told by the school she should be the one feeling ashamed,” she wrote. “This is my child who is one of too many that are going through this… This is my child whose story is being twisted and manipulated by the very people that were meant to protect her at school when she was in their care.”

Golledge has received hundreds of messages from people offering support since her post went on facebook.

The unfiltered outpouring of kindness has driven the family to create a Facebook group called “Stand with Sophia”, providing others a chance to share their experiences related to bullying.

“This is so much more than just our little girl now,” Golledge said. “It’s shocking to hear how it’s affecting generations of people directly and indirectly…”

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