The Bible says Jonah was swallowed by a Huge Fish. Was it a Whale…..Or a giant Shark?

When God created the world, He bestowed it with millions of enigmatic species that still continue to intrigue mankind. While we have managed to explore a large chunk of our world, there are countless mysterious creatures hidden beneath our oceans that we still know nothing about.

According to the Holy Bible, when Jonah failed to comply with God’s instructions of preaching salvation to the natives of Nineveh, he was swallowed by a great fish as a punishment for his sin. Legend has it that the great fish referenced here was actually a large whale. However, once you watch this video you might start doubting the facts you knew to be true! The sheer size of it as we see in this video compels us to rethink that maybe the great fish that swallowed Jonah was actually a gigantic shark and not a whale!

While we cannot really come to a conclusion yet, it can be safely assumed that a shark this size can easily swallow a man alive and hold him in its stomach for three days. Seeing the shark in the video might make you rethink disobeying the Lord Almighty ever in life. The story mentioned in the Bible that talks about Jonah being swallowed alive by a giant fish might seem a little too far-fetched to be true for some people. However, there have been real life incidents of people being swallowed by giant fish and surviving. Whether the story is true or not, is anyone’s guess!

In this video below watch as a huge giant shark is shown on the today show in Australia. It looks like sharks can still get pretty big even today.

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