The amazing true story behind the Christmas Hymn “Oh Holy Night”

So many of us sing the beautiful song “Oh Holy Night” every Christmas with our church and our family. It is a beautiful song that we gather together and sing every year, but do you know the whole story of this classic Christmas song?

Christmas hymns bring such joy each Christmas season. One of my favorites is the song “Oh Holy Night”. I remember still sitting by the fire as a child sipping hot coco while we listen to a record of “Oh Holy Night.” So many great singers have performed the song over the years and it is hard to say which version is my favorite. Each year at our church nighttime service before Christmas day, we gather after the Christmas play and spread out around the pews with candles and light them all one by one and start singing “Oh Holy Night” without any music. The candle light and the voices lifted up in praise singing about the night our Lord was born is such a great way to celebrate the gift God gave us.

Ever wondered how these amazing hymns were written? What the true story is behind their creation? Well now you can find out how the classic Christmas hymn “Oh Holy Night” came to be.

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