‘Thank you, Jesus’: Man’s truck goes up in flames but Bible left inside was untouched

An Oklahoma family is counting their blessings after their truck caught on fire but left their Bible untouched.

If it wasn’t for the vehicle’s horn honking as the flames engulfed the vehicle, the family may have also lost their house which was just a few feet from the flames.

“I felt like crying,” Steven Gaut told FOX 6. The incident happened just two weeks before Christmas day.

Gaut’s childhood Bible was left without a mark on it.

A case that had been around the Bible was charred but the Bible itself, that he had received when he was 13-years-old, was fine.

Gaut is a single father raising five kids, plus another child he cares for during the summer, so the loss of his only transportation was not easy he said. He told Fox News he did get a temporary vehicle.

In a Facebook post, Gaut asked the Lord to help his family.

“Heal our broken hearts and the fear that is in the kids’ eyes. Please help us find an eight-passenger car as soon as possible. Thank you for making sure that we were safe, and saving my Bible. Love you forever, in Jesus’s name, Amen,” Gaut wrote.

“All in all God is great,” Gaut said.

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