Teen steps on stage to sing then Simon surprises him with a special guest – his dad

We all like surprises. We like surprises even more when it comes from the ones we love the most. During a big event in our lives we always want our loved ones to be with us. It adds to our courage and strength to move ahead and achieve goals in our life. Without our family and friends, even great achievements fail to give us the joy and satisfaction that we yearn for.

When we are about to do something new and amazing, we always want our near and dear ones to be by our side — to cheer us up, to inspire us, to guide us and even to critique us so that we work upon our mistakes to do better next time. On a big day we always want our parents to be by our side as they always want the best for us and would always support us. They would go to any extent to see us happy and content. They can be our cruelest critique and our biggest fan at the same time.

Rueben Gray’s father is a very talented with singer and songwriter. Therefore Rueben wanted his father to be by his side when he went for the audition for Britain’s Got Talent. This was indeed a big day for Rueben. Unfortunately for the sixteen-year-old teenager, his father could not be present at the audition as he was caught up in a professional obligation.

This meant that Rueben would have to perform his originally composed song, ‘Lifeline’ in front of the jury without his father. This left Rueben heartbroken. However, his mother and girlfriend were present to support him and cheer for him. Rueben said that it did not feel right to be performing without his father around and that if he did well the first thing he would do is call his father. You could tell how much he missed his father’s presence.

But even before Rueben sat in front of the piano to play the host of the show, Simon, asked him if really his father was a bigger fan of his than his mother. Suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise, this teenager heard a familiar voice from the audience, calling out to him. It was Rueben’s father!

This was indeed the biggest surprise for Rueben. With millions of people watching him, Rueben gave a splendid performance of his self-composed song. The judges were blown off their feet by the spectacular piano and singing skills of Rueben. As Rueben is so talented, it seems that we will get to see more of him in future. This surprise that his father gave him indeed helped Rueben to perform better. Had his father not made it at the last moment, Rueben may have carried the disappointment that would have affected his performance.

Parents play such an important role in how their children choose to pursue their dreams.

If a child sees their parents going after a dream, then they might see that as motivation as they grow up and choose to reach for the stars. However, some parents must make big sacrifices for their children and put the needs of their family above their own passions or dreams. We don’t know exactly how Rueben chose to take up singing and follow this passion, but we are sure glad he did! And, his parents seem to be a major driving force behind this young and talented man!

Thank God for supportive parents!

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