Teen Nervously Clutches Mic On Stage But Moments Into Song Simon’s Face Drops Realizing Huge Mistake

When 16-year-old Olivia Garcia stepped onto the intimidating stage, the cards were already stacked against her. Ready to compete in the 6-Chair challenge, the nervous teen had a lot to prove. All six seats had already been filled, and it was clear that the judges meant business. “She’s so nervous,” Simon Cowell mutters under his breath as Olivia shyly approaches the stage.

Taking a deep breath, she clutches the mic and delivers the performance of a lifetime. Simon’s demeanor suddenly changes, as it dawns on him that he is about to have to make a very tough call. The remaining six contestants begin shaking with nerves, realizing that this unexpected talent may have just taken their place. Watch the video below to see the hauntingly beautiful performance for yourself – no wonder the judges were forced to make this tear-jerking decision!

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