Stroke Warning Signs That Women Need To Know

Good health is truly the best wealth, so it is important to know the warning signs of stroke. Strokes are said to be more common in women, this is why becoming aware of the following stroke warning signs are essential.

Stroke signs and symptoms to be cautious about

It has been recently found that stroke continues to be the fifth main cause of death in men. In women, it is the third main cause. Stroke is a condition where a part of the brain is affected due to a blood clot. The blood clot prevents the normal blood supply to this part of the brain. There are numerous symptoms associated with the onset of stroke. These include numbness experienced in the limbs and face, headaches, hiccups, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pains and others.  These are the general symptoms but women might also experience other signs that indicate stroke. Knowing these additional symptoms would help women stay cautious. Here are the most common symptoms that are specifically noted in women who have stroke:

Sudden unexplained feeling of weakness, feeling light headed and losing consciousness, anxiety, trouble breathing eventually leading to shortness of breath, feeling nauseous and vomiting in some cases, hallucinations, seizures, hiccups, or pain.

Few or more of these symptoms might occur right when the blood supply to the brain starts getting interrupted. These might also be accompanied by other general stroke symptoms. Women who notice these signs should be warned of the impending danger and take immediate measures to alleviate the condition.

As stroke occurs differently in men and women the symptoms associated show a marked difference too. This is why the treatment procedure for stroke would also be slightly different for men and women. When we talk about stroke, early diagnosis would reduce the severity of the situation a great deal. The first few hours of the onset of stroke are the most critical. If suitable steps are not taken in this period then it might lead to severe complications. The warning signs mentioned would come as precursors. Understanding them and getting medical help can prevent life threatening situations. One thing that has been observed in most cases is that women, once they get stroke reach a hospital pretty late in comparison with men. This makes the treatment tougher. It also results in increasing the duration required for the complete recovery after stroke. This makes it even more important for women to be more aware of the signs of strokes to be prepared in the worst situations.

Dr. Lewis Morgenstern, from the University of Michigan, talks about stroke, “Either the experience of stroke is really different for some biological reason, or men and women experience the same phenomenon and explain it differently.” We are glad doctors and researchers like Dr. Morgenstern are working on stroke. 

Women who are smokers and those who are obese are at higher risk of stroke. Use of pills for birth control, women in the last trimester of pregnancy as well as new mothers soon after delivery are also considered vulnerable to stroke. Work associated stress as well as general stress can increase the chances of stroke.

Let’s keep all stroke victims in our prayers. Some have a long road to recovery and many new advances in stroke recovery are being made by medicine, but prevention is best. Keep your family and friends educated and safe by sharing or forwarding this story so they can know the early warning signs of stroke. God bless you.

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