Steve Harvey Dissolves To Tears When His Children Hold Tribute To Him

The people who mean the most to Steve Harvey – his children and his wife – showed him how he is the apple of their eye. In a birthday special on the tv presenters show, the Harvey brood of 7 surprised their dad with an entire segment dedicated to their favorite memories together. One by one, all of his kids looked back on their favorite moments with their dad, laughing and crying alongside one another on stage.

Harvey has four children from previous marriages, and raises his wife’s three biological children as his own. The Harvey family is a big one that is obviously held together with a lot of love. After his children’s loving tribute, his wife spoke about how Harvey takes on everything with a big heart, “I appreciate the man that you are, the example that you are for our children … I appreciate how you love me, how you loved my children as though they were yours, how you treat my parents as though they were your parents. Just everything”.

The children’s tribute to their dad left the comedian and tv presenter in tears. He ended the segment telling his children everything he does is for them, “I got 4 full-time jobs for them. So that when I am done, I want you all to just have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself”.

Watch the tear-jerking video for yourself here below.

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