After singing on National TV, This 5-year-old Girl tells Howard Stern that Jesus Lives in Her!

Howard Stern tells her that Shirley Temple must be living inside her. She says It’s not Shirley Temple, It’s Jesus.

Heavenly Joy’s America’s Got Talent audition has the judges channeling Shirley Temple, but that’s not what she’s about.

Actually, the 5-year-old—yeah, she’s 5!—is showing Jesus from her piggy tails to her tap-dancing toes.

When Howard Stern asked her what she would do with the million-dollar grand prize, the spunky child promptly announced that she would share it, “I wanna give them all over the world cause some people don’t have any clothes, so I’ll give some clothes to them.”

Tackle that attitude onto some awesome talent, and you’ve got a show-stopper for God in the making. Take a look.

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