Simon Thinks Act Is Horrible, Then Another Judge Hits Golden Buzzer

God has blessed each one of us with some very unique talents. But, every so often, despite our passion, we tend to tuck these talents deep inside us. For some, it may be the stress of everyday life, but for many others, it is a lack of confidence. Most of us are afraid of rejection and judgment. We concern ourselves with what others might think of us if we skip a beat. The constant fear and worry shatter our confidence and the world will never know the unique gift lies within us.

For those of us who lack the courage to continue being who we are despite what the world says, there is an inspirational video to watch. The video features Lorraine Bowen, a simple piano teacher who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 and got into the semi-finals purely because she refused to stop being herself.

Lorraine appeared on stage with a rather strange setup piano. The piano teacher was all smiles as the judges asked her questions about herself. One of the judges asked her whether she would be singing her own song, to which she replied that she would indeed be singing one of her very own songs called ‘Crumble’.

Lorraine started off her piece but there was just something so strange about it that one of the judges rejected her within the first couple of seconds of the show. Soon enough, among a panel of four judges, three of them had rejected her by the time she was halfway into her song. But Lorraine wouldn’t quit. She carried on with her song and managed to get the audience singing and dancing. By the end, everyone was cheering Lorraine on and she actually got into the semi-finals. This just says what being confident in yourself and your talent can do for you. It can turn the impossible into possible.

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