Sheriff’s Department Faces Backlash After Sharing Photo of Deputy Praying Before Shift

In every aspect of our life, it is important that we learn to trust God and work for His glory. Whether at home or work, we must learn to lay out our day to God in prayer so that we can follow His way, and have the courage to face whatever happens.

On the morning of May 1, 2018, Deputy Wedge of Yucaipa Police Department knelt down on one knee beside his PD vehicle. He was praying before his shift started, asking God to keep his partner and community safe. A co-worker happened to witness this moment and moved by the deputy’s faith and dedication to his work, decided to snap a picture and posted it on Twitter.

Twitter users who saw the picture were touched by the picture and the story behind it, and many of them thanked him for praying for the safety of the community. However, not everyone felt the same way. Some users expressed their shock at the department for posting a religion-related picture.

As the picture made its way to Facebook, one user wrote, “I support his right to pray if he wishes, but I also feel this post is inappropriate for a government agency to be making.” This seemed to be the sentiment of many – that government agencies such as the sheriff department should refrain from making social media posts that could be perceived as against the separation of church and state.

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