Ernest Borgnine talks about the 1977 film “Jesus of Nazareth”

Ernest Borgnine talks about one of the most famous scenes of  “Jesus of Nazareth” which starred Robert Powell as Jesus.

Jesus of Nazareth was a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries directed by Franco Zeffirelli and co-written by Zeffirelli, Anthony Burgess, and Suso Cecchi d’Amico which dramatizes the birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

The miniseries featured an all-star cast of famous American and European actors, including seven Academy Award winners: Anne Bancroft, Ernest Borgnine, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Anthony Quinn, Rod Steiger, and Peter Ustinov.

We would like to share a favorite verse of ours with you today.

Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God Bless!

The God of Israel gives power and strength to his people.
Psalm 68:35

In many parts of the world, electricity provides a standard of living that’s easily taken for granted. Lamps, heaters and air conditioners, and other conveniences rely on electric power to generate illumination, warm and cool air, and time-saving, effort-reducing assistance for our homes, businesses, schools, and churches.

When a power outage occurs for any length of time, we’re forced to return to the basics of surviving. Suddenly, how we remain at a comfortable temperature is not so easy. Ways to preserve our fresh food become a priority. Tasks that take seconds or minutes seem to require minutes and hours.

When things are going smoothly in our lives, we might be tempted to take God’s strength and power for granted. However, when our own abilities fail us, we once again get back to basics. We realize that the Lord is the source of all our power. Anything we accomplish is only because of him.

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Pray: “Father, I don’t want to take your strength and power for granted. I give you thanks for the ways you sustain me, whether things are going well or not.”

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