Retired Pastor who Works at Walmart Serenades Veteran Shoppers

Retired Pastor who Works at Walmart Serenades Veteran Shoppers

God’s workers are never off-duty. They do little acts of selflessness all the time. Sometimes, even just by the way they choose to live their lives. God is within all of us. All we have to do, is let his light shine through us, in order to uplift the world around us.

Freddy Davison used to be a pastor before working at the Chardon Walmart located in Ohio. It has only been one month, and he’s already a big hit with all the customers. The retired pastor is the Walmart greeter and he takes his job very seriously. He has started capturing hearts and offering smiles. The people adore him.

Davison was in a car accident back in 1998 that left him needing a wheelchair. Although very sad, he decided to remain positive and spread positivity. “I actually have found this to be an advantage not a disadvantage,” he said.

“When you’re sitting in a chair, it kind of disarms people in general and you know, with the kids you’re at eye level.”

He gives a cheerful greeting to every customer that sets foot inside the store. However, it’s his greetings to the veterans that enter the store that are especially touching. He begins singing the national anthem every time he spots a veteran. On most occasions, they join in too and they both stand facing the flag above the entrance, with hands over their hearts, and complete the proud song.

Although he can’t stand for very long, he still stands for the anthem he sings with veterans. “Their service matters. Their life and sacrifice matters. And I want to make sure they know they are honored,” he said.

“You can feel everything go from a busy store for just those two minutes, to complete stillness,” he added.

The customers are thrilled by his performance. Some were even brought to tears.

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