Repo Man Takes Elderly Couple’s 1998 Buick But Then Comes Back A Few Days Later With The Keys And $17,000

Stan and Pat Kipping were never wealthy, but in Red Bud, Illinois, they never wanted more than their modest life. That was until Stan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The medical bills required for his therapy piled up, and even the smallest payments became impossible on their scarcely small pension fund.

One of their monthly bills they could no longer afford was $100 for their 1998 Buick Century. They were devastated, but they knew they had to let the car go. They simply prayed to God and trusted that He would help them.

Jim Ford was the repossession employee who met with them. Jim has been a repo man for twenty years, and he’s got his fair share of disgruntled people angrily threatening him as he takes away their vehicles, even though he’s just doing his work. But when he arrived to collect the Buick from the Kippings, they did not make a fuss and gave the keys politely.

Jim started driving away, but before he stopped, he made it about a block away and his conscience started eating at him. He pulled over and called the bank and asked if he was able to pay off the remaining loan. He came home and set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the cause.

Not only did Jim pay off the rest of the loan, but he also changed the car’s oil and fixed it up a little and was left with a whopping $17,000 leftover from the fundraiser! He came back to the Kippings house a few days later and returned their keys and vehicle to them. He announced it had been fully paid and repaired and handed them the cash in the envelope.

Stan and Pat were in tears. They’d prayed for a miracle, and they received it. Jim restored their faith in human compassion and kindness, and now they have money for Stan’s medical bills. God bless them! We are praying for Stan!

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