Is this really Jesus in a hospital window?

Witnessed claim they have seen Jesus in the window of the chapel in this Florida hospital according to CNN. Some have even snapped pictures with their cell phones as proof. Was this really Jesus or just a trick of shadows? You decide!

Witnesses at the Florida Hospital Medical Complex in Orlando said an image that seemed to depict Jesus Christ crying mysteriously appeared on a hospital window.

Members of a crowd that gathered at the prayer garden window said an image of the Christian savior in profile mysteriously appeared and disappeared hours later.

“There was just a whole bunch of people putting their cell phones to the window, so I went over there and I saw a glow,” said witness Joel Cruzada, whose wife was recently diagnosed with stage-3 cancer. “When you are standing there and there is a flurry of people talking about it, you are like, ‘Wow, I’m actually here.'”

Hospital officials referred to the shape as an unexplained image. One official said all that matters is that the image made people feel good.

Watch this CNN report about Jesus appearing in a Hospital window below.

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