Photo of exhausted firefighters resurfaces as California continues to battle wildfires

With the continued spread of the California fires, more families are being evacuated, homes destroyed and lives lost. It is a time to come together and pray for those involved. This also includes praying for the strength and wisdom of our servicemen and women who are giving their all.

Fires in California are not anything new to the state, but this time it’s worse. The areas affected continue to burn with only a small amount managed at the moment. Teams have come out in full force to stop the spread and extinguish the blazes.

Many are tired from days of battle. An image of this has spread across social media sparking encouragement and support by many.

A picture from Kern County Fire Department posted a picture to remind us of the dedication and hard work being put in to prevent further destruction. The image is not from the current wildfires but from an older one last December. It shows a gathering of firefighters sleeping and napping on the ground in their uniforms.

The caption reads, “This is a photo of our Tehachapi Wildland Fire Crew 11. Our crews have worked hundreds of hours to help battle the #thomasfire. These firefighters work 24-hour shifts and are pushed to the point of exhaustion. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to help the communities of Southern California.

Comments of love, support and encouragement have flooded in. Many have included emojis of hearts and praying hands.

Let’s keep everyone in our prayers. Amen!

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