People are claiming to see Jesus on Google Maps

People are seeing Christ with his hands stretched out. Have you tried this yet?

Sounds incredible? Try it out. Open Google Maps and search for 47.110579, 9.227568. Then switch on over to Street View. You will notice the image of Christ with his hands stretched out in the sky. Could this be Jesus or is it just a bug in the system that Google forgot to fix? Some people believe that it is indeed Jesus looking down at us. Others are more critical and say that it is perhaps the image of a bird or something. The poor image quality makes it difficult to discern what it is really.

Those with faith find Jesus in several places where those without struggle to find Him at all. Maybe this is going to be another of those “you see what you want to see” scenerios.

God works in mysterious ways. If he wanted to, he could probably show up on Google Maps too. But this isn’t quite probable and we know this. At the same time, we are interested to know what you think. So, do let us know once you’ve tried to seek out God’s presence on Google Maps. Remember to choose Street View. It will give you updated images of the searched location.

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