Parrot Challenges Bird Friend To Dance Off… What Comes Next Is Pure Hilarity!

There is a great joy to be found in God’s vast and amazing creation. Everything is so beautifully and wonderfully made that it is a wonder to behold. One of the things that bring happiness into our lives is our interaction with other creatures of God and witnessing the quirkiness of animals and birds. We, as humans, have our own sets of behaviors and mannerisms that are very different from other animals’. Dogs and cats have a reputation for doing goofy little things that we find hilarious, and the internet is full of videos of them being cute and funny. There are videos of dogs doing the boogie, cats singing, and even horses dancing! Here to challenge them all are two parrots named Jonathan and Sadie.

There are lots of funny animal videos on the internet, and this is one that everyone should definitely see. In a video that went viral, two pet parrots have an amusing little dance-off. One is an elegant white parrot and the other a colorful macaw. The birds are perched on the arms of two young girls. “What is Love” by Haddaway starts blasting in the background and the white bird immediately starts bobbing its head to the beat, seemingly challenging the other bird to a dance-off. This was the birds’ first meeting. Seconds later, the other bird joins in, apparently accepting the challenge. The owners are clearly enjoying their pets’ antics as you can hear them laughing. To everyone watching the video, it looks like the birds are having some fun bobbing their heads to the music.

Petcha, a website that helps people find pets and shares information about how to best take care of them, says that head bobbing in parrots is actually indicative of hunger. Young birds are known to bob and shake their heads in order to get their mothers to feed them, and this behavior could be present in domesticated birds as well. Jonathan and Sadie probably instinctively figured that bobbing their heads were going to lead to them to get a tasty treat, and so went into dance mode gleefully. The two birds will hopefully have a bond for life, as parrots are known to do with their companions. They gave so many people all around the world a lot of joy watching them being silly. We hope their life together and with their human family is full of many more joyful moments.

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