Paralyzed bride ‘walks’ down aisle, leaving speechless guests to break down weeping

Planning a wedding can be stressful and exciting at the same time. How many guests? What colors or theme? What about the dress? For Jennifer Darmon, the most important part was simply walking down the aisle.

Jennifer and her boyfriend Mike Belawetz had a wonderful relationship. One day she was hurt in an accident that caused permanent damage to her spinal cord. The result ended with her being paralyzed from the waist down.

The couple later got engaged and Jennifer’s goal was to walk down the aisle. She committed to this idea and worked hard at all of her therapy sessions. She even practiced in a borrowed wedding dress. Mike drove to her appointments with her to show his love and encouragement.

On the day of the wedding, Jennifer did it. In front of her closest family and friends, she graced across the floor in her wedding dress to Mike. She was given a little help from her dad and brother for support.

During the ceremony, she had a walker to lean on for support. After the kiss, Mike picked up his bride and carried her across the threshold. Tears streamed on the faces of guests and cheers filled the room.

Such a sweet story of love and determination. When obstacles get in one’s way we can lean on God for strength and appreciate those who are praying for us.

Congratulations to this couple and may they have a wonderful life together.

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