Officer Plays on Ground with Dolls To Help Keep Kids Calm During Gas Leak

Officers of the law often get a bad rap. But in the eyes of the local children with whom he has connected, one South Hill officer, Virginia, is a “superhero.” Cpl. C.B. Fleming is one – of – a – kind with the South Hill Police Department.

“We locally call him the South Hill Batman,” Iesha Roper-Boswell told WTVR-TV.

Boswell saw the difference Fleming made in their community firsthand. When a gas leak was being investigated in her apartment complex on Valentine’s Day, Boswell caught Fleming doing what he loves on camera. During the potential emergency, some children played outside on the sidewalk. Some girls played with dolls and some boys colored.

Fleming got down on the ground at the kids ‘ level instead of just going about his business. He played with them, a viral action since it was shared on Facebook by Boswell.

“We definitely need more cops like him!!!” Boswell said. “Thanks for taking the time out to play with the kids!!”

It would seem this is pretty normal behavior for the amazing cop, too. Many people have commented on what an amazing guy he is.

Fleming, with a huge heart as always, even replied to Johnson’s comment with one of his own.

“I just enjoyed being there seriously!!” he wrote. “Every morning y’all would make my day!!!”
It’s clear this man takes time to connect with those in his community.

“It’s something I’ve always tried to do,” Fleming told WTVR. “When I got into this job, I knew there was something different, other than just writing tickets and being the bad person all the time. I figured if I could be that bright spot in someone’s day then that’s all that mattered.”

Fleming has been with the department for 15 years. According to WTVR, his desire to serve his community started when he was just 13 when an officer like himself acted as a positive role model in Fleming’s life.

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