Newborn Twins Cling To Each Other, Think They Are Still In The Womb

Any parent will agree that children are the most wonderful blessings from God. It’s even better when they’re twins – it’s double the blessing! If you are a parent of twins, you’ll know that they share a special and unique bond. In fact, anyone who knows twins can see it. There is an undeniably strong connection between them. It’s no surprise when you’ve been together even before you were born.

In a video that has the internet going “aww”, these adorable newborn twins just can’t let go of each other. It seems they didn’t realize they were already born and were holding on to each other. Thinking they were still inside their mother’s womb, the new-borns were hugging and just wouldn’t let each other go.

Even while the nurse in charge was giving them a special bath in a tub, a technique meant to help them adapt to their new environment, they closed their eyes, embracing each other. Contrary to what one would believe, this whole process of water gently running down their faces while being cleaned in a tub did not seem to startle the twins. They seemed to look as peaceful and content as they were. One baby’s arms were around the other’s neck, tightly hugging, while the other’s hands and head were gently rested on his chest. Their legs are tangled up around each other.

As the video progresses, and the nurse continues to clean them, they start moving around, and extend their hands. Yet, they still reached for each other and continued to hug tightly. They start yawning, stretching, holding hands, and at one point, one of them even held the nurse’s finger. The nurse does not try to separate them but holds them both gently in her hands throughout the cleaning process.

By the end of the video, they start opening their mouths, perhaps, slowly realizing that they are outside the womb already and their environment has totally changed. Despite this, their eyes remained closed for the whole bath, until the end of the video, where they are both taken out from the bath and covered with towels.

This video speaks volumes about how twins share a very special relationship. It is often said that if we have a twin, they understand us better more than anyone else in the world. Indeed, if you have been together with someone even before you were born, it is no wonder that you have a deep connection that no one understands. In the case of these two, they have spent every second of their lives together. So, even after being born, they don’t want to let go and leave each other’s familiar comfort.

Moreover, seeing the two newborns taking their first breaths in the outside world, stretching their arms and feeling the air, slowly learning to let go of the comfort they have known their whole lives show just how beautiful and precious life is.

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