Mom sells son’s crib at garage sale after he passes – Days later buyer returns, asks her to look in his trunk

For those who are expecting a new baby, there is a lot a planning. Baby showers, decorating the nursery, clothes and the furniture. Valerie Watts had these things ready to go by the time she was 9 months pregnant. That’s when she had the unfortunate news that her baby passed only days before she gave birth.

Baby Noah’s umbilical cord was pinched inside of Valerie, and the child had died inside of her. This was horrible news. She felt the baby moving just a little bit less but didn’t think anything of it. After her loss, Valerie kept meaningful items to remember him, including his crib.

After some time, Valerie decided to sell a few things out of her garage on the weekend. Items included Noah’s clothes, shoes, and trinkets. She didn’t really want to sell the last baby bed, but after talking to a man about a good price, she decided to let it go.

The man, Gerald purchased the crib. He and his wife drove away to take their new item to their house. In the car, Geralds wife shared a conversation she had with Valerie about the loss of her son. Gerald was unaware that her son and died and wanted to do something special.

“We decided on our way home that this was going back,” Gerald said to Fox9.

Gerald was skilled with woodwork and did something amazing. He took the crib and turned it into a precious little chair for Valerie.

He took the chair back to Valerie and she loved it. She cried at the thoughtful present and deeply appreciated the chair’s meaning. She has a blanket and a stuffed animal sitting in the seat to make it even more personal.

What a wonderful thing to do. Please pray for mourning parents who have lost their children.

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