Mom Finds Packets Of Plant Seeds In Bedroom She Says Played A Fatal Role In Son’s Death

Kathy Schutt’s life changed instantly when her teenage son, Tyler, died suddenly and tragically.

Tyler suffered from devastating complications when he tried to hang himself. He initially survived, but he lost so much oxygen to his brain that he eventually passed away.

Doctors told Kathy they found traces of a violet flower, which is commonly found in the garden, in her son’s system. She had no clue he’d been sucking on seeds from a morning glory flower and keeping packets of them in his bedroom.

Kathy was also unaware that these seeds can produce a cheap and easily accessible high — and coming down from it can lead to suffocating depression and suicidal thoughts.

The more Kathy learned, the more she became dedicated to letting other know about the dangers of this substance.

There have been many other cases of young people turning to these seeds, even boasting about their “euphoric” experiences in YouTube videos.

In the video below, you’ll learn the frightening reason why many addicts are turning to plant seeds to get high.

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