Michael Bublé Overcome with Emotion Discusses Son’s Cancer Battle During ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Michael Bublé has become a staple in the music industry with his amazing voice and always cheerful attitude. But there is so much more to the singer than his music.

Bublé has faced some personal battles a long the way, and none probably more trying than his son’s fight against cancer.

In 2016, 3-year-old Noah was diagnosed with cancer. Now at 5-years-old he is in remission following surgery and chemotherapy. Bublé still gets very emotional with everything his family has been through the past 2 years.

Everyone loves James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”. Its just great lighthearted fun with “feel good” vibes felt through the screen.

Bublé’s latest appearance on “The Late Late Show” started off in the usual good fun, but when Corden asked the singer about his son, the car everything became quiet.

“It’s so hard to have to acknowledge it, because it’s so painful to talk about…” Bublé’ said. “We got the diagnosis and that was it… my whole life ended.”

Both Bublé’ and Corden began to get emotional during the conversation. Bublé’ got choked up trying to talk about it.

“Thank you, Jesus Christ,” Bublé said. When asked how he got through it all, Bublé responded in tears.

“…I’m not okay…” he admitted. “When they got it out and the chemo was done and they said, ‘We did it. He’s good. He’s okay.’ I fell, I just fell, and my wife picks me up now.”

He went on talk about about Noah’s love for superheroes like Superman and Spiderman.

“They’re fake,” he said. “They’re not real. You’re a superhero. You’re MY hero. A real superhero.” Bublé said to his son.

That is the moment I started sobbing uncontrollably.

Bublé then urged viewers to call and donate to the “Stand Up To Cancer” telethon.

“You think you’re one little person who can’t change, but all of us can completely, completely make that huge difference,” he said.

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