Meeting Her Baby Sister For The First Time

Getting the opportunity to welcome a new member to your family is regarded as a true blessing from God. And when that member is a lovely little baby sister, the joy can be boundless!

When this 18-month-old girl Skylar saw her baby-sister being brought home from the hospital for the first time, it was a feeling that she had never felt before. Skylar and her mother waited by the window to greet the little one with bated breath, as the father parked the car and retrieved a bassinet with the infant tucked cozily inside and walked indoors.

The thrill and excitement of meeting someone younger to her is quite apparent as Skylar gestures to climb down from her mother’s arm and touch the baby. As the dad walks towards the entryway, both Skylar and her mother have already arrived at the doorstep to welcome the new member of the family with great enthusiasm.

Skylar is absolutely mesmerized at seeing the tiny little baby and gestures to it mumbling ‘baby’ in her cute incoherent tone. The little one’s eyes and ear wide smile perfectly express her million emotions as she finally meets her baby sister for the first time. As the infant sleeps calmly in her bassinet, Skylar continues to examine her with her mouth open wide. She even tries to emulate her mother as the latter says, ‘Hello Baby’!

But what she does next, is something that would melt your heart and make you tear up with emotions of pure bliss. Watch Skylar’s surprising act in this beautiful video here.

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