Meet Luis, The 10-Month-Old Boy Who Weighs As Much As A 9-Year-Old

God creates every child with utmost love. Each one of us is made unique and even if we are born with disabilities or develop something along our journey, rest assured that God has this planned and it happens for a reason. While we develop some issues, God blesses us with skill sets and talents that might help us cope better. The ideal way to live is by not casting aside people who are not the conventional normal type. One must remember that everything is made by God and for each thing he makes, he has a plan. If one is plagued with an irreversible disorder, you must realize that the same God has plans and you must keep the faith in Him. After all, every ordeal we face, our highs and lows are all designed to alter our lives.

Unpleasant experiences are only designed to make one believe in miracles, cherish the pleasant times and live in the hope of the same. So what does one do when a young life is in the clutches of a challenging situation? Does one cling on to hope or simply lose it because it seems impossible to believe and hope for a good future? Sometimes a mother has to see her child suffer every day and his endless ordeal is a painful episode in her everyday life. It is in such cases, you must believe in God’s miracles all the more. God has the capacity to make a blind man see and a cripple walk. Why then should we not believe that He has the capacity to heal everything? The ones who lose faith and hope haven’t even tried and have already given up. The ones who hold on to hope until the last straw are the ones who will really see the beauty of life and the miracles of the Almighty.

One such situation has arisen in Tecoman, Mexico. A young 10-month-old child weighs a lot more than usual. He weighs about 62 lbs, which in form of comparison is as heavy as a regular 9-year-old child. Needless to say, this condition brings with it a lot of issues. Luis Manuel Gonzales is assumed to have a devastating genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare and complicated, genetic condition that affects various parts of a body. This, in turn, will also result in slow developmental growth. The effect of the disorder in newborns results in weak muscles. The obesity often results in type 2 diabetes as well. The child’s forehead will be narrow, he would have hands or feet that are small and reduced height. Their skin color is usually lighter. The family is in fear of losing their child and is trying to raise funds to be able to bear the cost of the child’s treatment.

What Is Prader-Willi Syndrome?

The condition immensely alters the chromosomes such that it increases the affected child’s appetite. The disorder is a direct result of the deletion of the paternal chromosome 15. In the remaining cases, the chromosome 15 from the mother is replicated in place of the missing paternal chromosome. In this case, parts of the maternal chromosome’s functionality are turned off hence turning off the working of certain genes. This leads to overeating which in turn leads to obesity. This explains the drastic increase in weight. The child’s parents are afraid that the diagnosis might come true in which case they will be unable to afford the treatment. In such a case their child will keep growing obese which may result in shutting down of organs and ultimately death. If not death, the child will suffer from intellectual impairments and various learning disabilities.

What Helps?

As the disorder does not have a definitive cure, early treatments are the only way to cope. In newborns, feeding issues can be fixed with feeding tubes. Strict food supervision is absolutely necessary with exercising regimens. Growth hormone treatments help immensely in weight control and other symptom control. Post this, counseling can help with behavioral issues.

How It Began

Luis, the son of god was in fact born with a normal weight of 8lbs. His weight rapidly increased within a month. His parents thought that this was a result of breastfeeding. Soon enough, his clothes did not fit him and he had to be put in clothes that were ideally made for 1-year-olds. The weight also leads to slight suffocation and problems in breathing. Isabel Pantoja, the mother, remembers nights when the infant could not fall asleep due to this problem.

What Can You Do?

Luis will be the first ever recorded case of the Prader-Willi syndrome in the city of Tecoman. Mario Gonzales, Luis’ father is afraid that due to the weight his son could even suffer from heart attack. The fear grips them as they await the results. All the above-mentioned treatment forms are available and will help the child immensely if administered in time. However, the challenge gripping the parents is the cost they will have to incur in the process of providing this treatment. They do not have the financial capacity to pursue this treatment.

The fate of the child is in the hands of the people of the world. What the world offers in terms of the money they raise will alter the path on which this child will tread. While they wait for the funds to be raised, the parents live in constant fear of losing their child to other complications which are not at all uncommon in such a disorder. It is, in fact, unfortunate that little Luis is suffering from an ailment such as this but his tender life and future are in various kind hands.

Especially at an age so small, when a child undergoes such pain and problems, it really does move people and make them wonder why this happens. It makes one question the intentions of god but what they don’t realize is that all this is in fact intended and plays a huge role in shaping and molding a future.

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