Martial Arts Teacher Watches Boy Break Down In Tears… But What He Tells The 9-Yr-Old Instantly Goes Viral

God has created all of us, men and women, as emotional beings. But somehow, our society is keen on the notion that boys don’t cry. They are emotional beings just like women and the prejudice is simply unfair. Sometimes, a good cry can help us clear our minds from the pain we may be suffering. Jason Wilson, an instructor, has founded a faith organization named the Cave of Adullam in Detroit. He is an expert instructor and uses a methodology called Musar Ru, a training that uses a mix of martial arts and ways to channel one’s emotions. His students are mostly boys and his goal is to help his students grow into strong, fine men.

One day his student, 9-year-old Bruce, broke down in tears when he could not complete his task. He had to break a piece of wood with his left hand. Wilson asked the boy why he was crying and assured Bruce that it was not wrong to cry. He talked to the boy and told him that some things in life are harder than others and it takes tears, sweat, and blood to get through such situations. He also told Bruce that not only does he mind him crying, but that he himself cries too. His calm assurance and persistent encouragement raised Bruce’s spirits and he was able to break the wood with his left hand. The entire incident was captured on camera and posted on Facebook. The video went viral and it conveyed a single message. Grown men cry too and that’s okay.

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