Mark Hamill sticks up for blogger mocked for emotional reaction to ‘Star Wars IX’ trailer

American blogger Eric Butts shared his reaction video to the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer shortly after it was released early last week.

He was on vacation at the time, but took the time to look up the video in his hotel room and shared his reaction.

His polarizing response to the trailer, the final instalment in the current Star Wars series, has subsequently gone viral. But unfortunately, not necessarily in the most positive way.

Butts has found himself in the middle of a number of jokes directed at him, with a deluge of mockery for his rather extreme reaction to the initial footage of the movie.

One especially harsh reaction to Eric’s reaction video from a ‘conservative influencer’, one that’s since gone viral in and of itself, joked: “Star Wars and super hero movie obsession culture has revealed a whole new population of undateable men. Might be worse than men who wear cargo shorts.”

“He cried over a shot of an empty desert. How is this even normal?” continued another. “Why do we pretend otherwise? We’re truly living in some messed up simulation where everyone has to act like his video didn’t make them cringe or laugh at his absurd reactions. I’m not sorry for being honest.”

But the Force seems to be strong with Eric.

Mark Hamill himself is one of those those rallying to his side.

In a couple of tweets, he said: “Hi Eric – Thanks for sharing your amazing reaction to the trailer. It was inspiring to see you transported with joy in anticipation of IX. Makes what we do seem all the more worthwhile.”

Gary Whitta, who wrote Rogue One, also rode in with some support.

“I remember vividly when @TheEricButts posted his Rogue One trailer reaction videos. Seeing his utter joy remains one of my favorite memories from being involved with that movie. The passion of fans like Eric IS EXACTLY WHY WE MAKE MOVIES.” he said.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker lands in December.

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