Man Turns Tree Damaged by Hurricane into Patriotic Piece of Art

Turning old things into new can be lots of fun. Whether it’s updating a couch, repainting a wall, or renovating a home. We can see the original structure, but it has a fresh life to it again. For Sony Brewer, he brought vitality through symbolism using a broken tree in front of his house.

Hurricane Michael ravished through Sonny Brewers town and brought down signs, fences and several trees. One of these trees happened to be in his front yard. All that remained was a tall stump with splintered edges.

He wanted to create something special with the damaged wood. He wanted something that would give a sense of pride, love, honor and positivity despite it’s brokenness. He chose an American Eagle and flag.

With this idea, Brewer contacted artist Chad Gainey to execute his vision.

“It’s a symbol of courage, integrity, can-do attitude, will-do attitude,” Brewer said explaining his vision.

The stunning piece gets noticed by drivers and pedestrians who frequently thank the veteran for what he has done.

“It’s kind of inspiring,” said a young man in an interview. “Something to do with a really old tree instead of just wasting it.”

Many have taken pictures and posted on social media as well.

One post reads “This is breathtaking!! Even with all the destruction we have here in the Panhandle, my neighbors have turned their snapped off tree into something memorable!!

What a great symbol to not only honor those who fight for our country, but reflects God’s grace. He can turn hardships into something beautiful.

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