Man Brings 86-Yr-Old Grandma To Tears With Sweet Birthday Surprise

As God wanted his favorite creations to be happy, he gave them the power to raise a family with their loved ones. God blessed families with unconditional love so that they would support one another until the end of time. We must be thankful to God for always watching out for us so that we remain happy for the rest of our lives. David wanted to make sure that his grandmother, Iris Howard, had the best 86th birthday of her life. Iris had no idea what the young man had done just to ensure that his grandmother knows how much her family loves her.

In the video, you can see the duo driving around. While they are listening to music on the radio, it gets interrupted by “Breaking News.” At first, you think the news is extremely important because the radio got interrupted. However, the “Breaking News” was voice recordings of the people who love Iris, wishing her happy birthday. Towards the end of the video, David said, “I was gutted about one person in particular because I know you’re close to your brother and he’s in Australia. And I really tried to get him, we spent weeks trying to get hold of him. But we couldn’t get a recording. The logistics of it, and just being technical, we couldn’t do it. So I’m a bit gutted about that. But I guess we’ll try another radio station, shall we? Shall we try another one?” As David changes the radio station, Iris greeted by the voice recording of her brother. Not only does he wish her happy birthday, he also shares a small story about their childhood.

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