Magicians Rope Trick Is Sweeping The Internet, No One Can Figure It

Mac King is an American magician, co-author and comedian. Kentucky born and influenced by his grandfather’s, he quickly become infatuated with magic. He went to college in Minnesota and obtained a degree in Anthropology and magic. He has been on several television shows and as co-host of some television shows.

In fact the only magician to appear in all five NBC World’s Greatest Magic shows. He currently has his own children’s television show and has written three books. The books he has co-written are Tricks with your Head, Campfire Magic, and The Great Big Ol’ Book of Magic.

Mac King is well known for a comedic magician performance using props and silly shenanigans. He has also penned a comic strip called: Magic in a Minute. He appeals to a family friendly crowd. Using fig newton cookies, goldfish, and a yellow raincoat–known as the invisibility cloak. He is best known for a rope magic trick that has the world stumped. According to, Penn and Teller have even admitted that it is difficult to spot how this trick is done!

He is selling out all scheduled shows right now as the trick is being viewed on the internet and he is gaining recognition for this specific rope trick. His show has appeared at Caesar’s and he is currently employed by Harrah’s. His approach is clean (no vulgar language) and refreshing. He moves slowly and makes it easy to follow. However, slight of hand is difficult to catch. Yelp reviews are constantly being updated and remain at 4.5 rating. All customer reviews are over 4. and those that are not 4.5 and higher are general complaints about the venue not so much about him.

He has been voted the 6th best show in Las Vegas and has been named Magician of the Year in Hollywood by Magic Castle . One particular show demonstrated how sharp the scissors are that Mac King uses. One of the things that he doesn’t like is that some comedians us dull scissors. His are sharp and during a show he clipped off the tip of his thumb and asked for a nurse in the house. One was there and came up and stopped the bleeding and he finished that show and the next one and then went to the hospital. Classic case of the show “must go on”. He is unique in that he engages the audience into the show. In between commercials and the show he is known to teach how some magic tricks are done.

He is married and lives in Las Vegas, NV. He does greet the event goers, signing autographs on pictures and books. Usual signature is |Mac the King”. You can find him at Harrah’s by looking up tickets to see him in any of the shows at Harrah’s. Some of the comments on social media are as quirky as he is with puns about knots and his sense of humor. Most comments are how amazed people are with his talent and how he does the rope trick and no one can figure it out.

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