Loyal Dog Leads Stranger To Injured Owner While Other Dog Stayed By His Side

Martin Hall Jr. received a call to head to Coulterville, a small town with less than 250 people. He drove his tow truck expecting to meet a client but instead met a dog sitting in his path, and saved one man from harm.

Hall’s appointment had fallen through, but there was a greater mission for Martin to accomplish. He ended up on the wrong road after getting a little lost. He was frustrated and thought about going back in the other direction. Luckily, he didn’t. The dog seemed to belong to someone. It wore a leash dragging on the ground. The furry hero didn’t move out of the way. He just stood there, strong and deliberate.

Martin started to record the dog with hopes of finding its owner in case it ran off. “I found this dog with a leash on it, but it won’t come to me,” he said in an interview.

That is when he heard a human cry for help. Hall looked around and found another dog and a 67-Year-old man on the ground.

The older man had pulled himself on the ground for several hours trying to get back to his house for help. The second dog stayed close by in support. He took the dogs for a stroll at the start of the day, tripped over himself, fell and severely hurt his hip.

Martin shared his thoughts and said, “I think he was pretty relieved, he thanked me. He had some courage. he had crawled on his stomach for 50 to 200 feet trying to get home.”

It was an interesting turn of events that allowed Martin to find the man. He summed it up by saying, “If something really looks out of place and you know it looks out of place, follow your gut.”

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