Little Boy Has Vision Of Heaven During Cardiac Arrest… But Then It Keeps Happening

When we wonder why bad things happen to young people, we often miss the message that God is trying to send us. We don’t always understand God’s ways, but if we take a moment we just might see that God is speaking to us through what is going on. Be still and listen because the voice of God is in the roar of the thunder and the whisper of the breeze. Ben Breedlove was born with a heart condition that causes high blood pressure and he was prone to cardiac arrest. At the age of four, he suffered a seizure that caused him to be wheeled down a hospital corridor on a stretcher. While he was on the stretcher, the four-year-old had a vision of a bright light above him that he told his mom about. There were no lights in that corridor and Ben believed he saw an angel.

A few years later, Ben went into cardiac arrest while undergoing surgery for his tonsils, the doctors were able to revive him but Ben got a sense of his mortality. In December 2011, Ben had another cardiac arrest while in school. This time it was the school nurse and medics who brought him back. In the three minutes that Ben’s heart had stopped, he had a vision which he shared with the world. In a moving YouTube video, Ben talks about his experience where he describes being in the waiting room of heaven and feeling a deep sense of peace. He said that this experience lets him know that he was going to be okay. A few days later Ben passed away at the age of eighteen. Ben’s message is one of hope and his mission was to spread the word that God, angels, and heaven do exist and that’s where we can go when we die.

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