Kidnapped 1-year-old Toddler Saved Thanks To This Construction Worker Listening To His Gut Instinct

A 44-year-old Construction worker, Colin Blevin, arrived at work at 7a.m. to find a car blocking the entrance to the construction site. He was asking the driver to move the Honda Accord when he noticed a baby in the back seat. Colin thought there was something just didn’t feel right about the situation.

Blevin’s kept an eye on the man and baby as he was locking up the construction site gate. He knew his suspicion was right when he saw the man break into a nearby car.

A woman, who was living in a trailer nearby, approached Blevin with stunning news. The man had approached her before Blevin had arrived and asked her to take the baby.

“Help me save this baby,” she asked Blevin.

Unknown to Blevin, there was an AMBER Alert issued for the 1-year old boy in the back seat of the Honda Accord.

The boy’s father left his car running while he went inside to get something early that morning, leaving his child in the back seat. When he came back out, the car was gone, along with his little boy.

At the construction site, the man – later identified as Ray Gutierrez – had told the lady living in the trailer that he didn’t “know what to do with babies,” and tried to give the baby to her.

Blevin confronted the man, and Gutierrez started saying a woman gave him the car and left him in charge of the baby boy.

“I looked into the car, and there is this beautiful chunky baby looking at me,” Blevin said. “The baby [was] calm, clean, with a bottle on his chest,” meanwhile Gutierrez was “dirty, skinny and jittery.”

Blevin took the car seat out and told Gutierrez “you are not leaving here with the baby.” The suspect then fled the scene, but cops tracked him down later that day. The police praised Blevin for his quick thinking.

The little boy is finally safe and sound and back with his parents now. All thanks to the unlikely hero, Colin Blevin.

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