Justin Bieber Uses Social Media To Proclaim His Faith In Jesus

Faith is an amazing virtue. There is no telling what faith in God can do for a man and there is no telling how faith can change a person. Justin Bieber, an iconic young singer, proclaimed his faith in Jesus at a Manchester benefit concert, and his declaration of faith has been making headlines ever since. Justin Bieber has always been known as one of the ‘bad boys’ in the music industry. His tearful proclamation of faith has a number of people questioning its authenticity. But despite such criticism, Bieber continues to share little seeds of spiritual wisdom through his social media accounts.

Just recently, the young singer posted a message on his Instagram where he talked about how Jesus was changing him on the inside every day. He reached out to his fans and tried to connect with them on a personal and deep level. He talked about how when you feel helpless, exhausted, and as though you are not good enough, Jesus can put all such doubts to rest. He talked about how God was willing to meet everyone no matter where they are at and that He is ready to take away all the pain and suffering. Justin emphasizes on the fact that he knows he’s not perfect by any means. But, he prays that for all his drawbacks and failings, it is not a reflection of how Christ works. He talked about how he wants to live more like Jesus. Justin is currently using his artistic talents to share his love for Jesus and to spread love, care, and spiritual wisdom. Recently he created an amazing spiritual painting called Calvary. He plans to contribute all the profit made by this painting towards the proceeds to go for the wildfires that ravaged California.

Selling this painting I did called “Calvary” ALL PROCEEDS GO TO WILDFIRES IN CA

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