Jackie Kennedy Was Almost Remarried To An Architect After The Death Of JFK

Celebrities and famous political personalities are always being watched by the media. Having their personal lives private is something that they cannot often afford. The media is always judging them. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot live their life and make their own choices. God has given each of us a life of our own, and each of us also has the freedom to make our life decisions. There are times when we are criticized for the decisions but in the end, it is a good idea to listen to what the heart final says. This is exactly what Jackie Kennedy Onassis did when she was in doubt.

After losing her husband, Jackie decided to plan a memorial for him. To design the memorial she hired an architect named Jack Warnecke. Soon the duo fell in love. There is a book that was written by J. Randy Taraborrelli titled “Jackie, Janet and Lee”. There is a portion in the book where the love story between Jackie Kennedy and the architect is discussed. Their love was quite serious and there was also a faint chance of the couple getting married. But something happened that changed the situation. Talking about the incidents, Taraborelli told People Magazine, “Jack felt that Jackie desperately wanted to land somewhere and she cared for him and he provided a safe haven away from the nightmares and PTSD that she was still experiencing over Jack and Bobby”. In order to maintain absolute transparency, Jack decided to tell Jackie about his financial situation. He had a debt of $650,000. Speculations were that Jackie had no serious feelings for Jack and the mention of the debt raised her doubts about taking the relationship ahead. So that was the end of their love story.

Jackie’s mother had advised her, “This is not the man for you” when she had discussed Jack with her. Neither Jackie nor her mother felt positive about taking the relationship ahead. And the debts also increased the insecurity quotient in the relationship. That was not a time when Jackie was mentally prepared to handle such a situation. She was in need of a more stable relationship, someone who could be there for her and take care of her. So someone in debt, with a lot of commitments to handle was not the kind of person she was in need of at that time. J.F.K had already left a huge hole in her life. At such a time when she was already in a state of mental trauma, she needed a stable and dependable relationship, and that was when she married Aristotle Onassis who was a person that offered her the sense of security she needed.

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