Huge Mass In Sick Newborn Miraculously Vanishes Moments Before Surgery

Baby Hunter’s parents were rewarded for the faith they placed in the Lord. How else could anyone explain the disappearance of the huge mass that made up almost two-thirds of Hunter’s abdomen area? Medical science definitely could not, and the doctor’s puzzled look made that clear. When he was born, his parents could actually feel the mass which was so huge it was life-threatening for the baby. After hearing the advice given by the doctors, his parents flew him to Denver, Colorado, for surgery. A couple of hours before the surgery, his mother began feeding him – only to find that the infant finished off the entire bottle! She informed the doctor, who made the shocking discovery that the mass had simply vanished without a trace!

They couldn’t explain it and they didn’t really attempt to explain it. “I just knew he’d been healed. I knew the Lord healed him. I remember looking at Casey and we just broke down and both started crying,” Hunter’s father Jake recalls. Praised be God!

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