How to make easy DIY Summer Nightlights from glow sticks

There are plenty of colorful, whimsical lights out there that you can use to decorate the house or outdoors. But if you’re looking for something a bit more original, take a look at these handmade glow jars. Everyone can create these cool, versatile and fully customizable summer nightlights in a small amount of time with just a few readily available materials.

For this DIY trick, you’ll need:

Glow sticks — the more varied the colors, the better
Mason jars or glass bottles of any kind, with lids so you can close and shake them
Gloves and glasses or goggles, for protective purposes
Optionally, some additional decorative elements, such as glitter or tulle

First, crack the glow stick several times to initiate the glowing action. Then you cut off both ends of the glowstick and let them drop into the container. Leaving the ends inside is helpful later when you shake the jars to spread the glowing liquid around. Slip a straw onto the now-open end of the glow stick and blow into it to push the liquid into the jar. Don’t just let the liquid collect at the bottom; try to get as much on the sides as possible.

Once the stick has emptied, close the container and shake it up to spread the liquid everywhere. You can add other additions, like glitter, to the mix before shaking to make for an even more colorful light.

Brooklyn and Bailey from their popular YouTube channel of the same name and Shelby from Owlbeteen gather in the video below to show the whole process. There are endless ways to customize the glow jar nightlight of your kids’ room or outdoor event – or your own. The sky’s the limit.

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