Homeless Man Is Rushed Into Hospital, Then Staff Look To The Door And Realise He Isn’t Alone

Earlier this week, healthcare worker Cris Mamprim and her colleagues at the Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil witnessed something truly incredible. In fact, it turned into a scene they will not forget in a hurry as it showed love in the purest possible way.

On Sunday at around 3 am, a homeless man named César entered the hospital to receive treatment and medication for a continuing health problem he’s been having.

César usually attends another facility in town so Cris Mamprim and the other staffers at the hospital asked him for his history in order to get a better idea of how to help. As they started speaking to him, they soon realized that César was not alone.

The homeless man had no personal belongings. But César didn’t need material possessions when he had amazing friendships keeping him going.

Cris Mamprim looked towards the entrance of the hospital and noticed a group of very loyal canine companions standing by the doors.

The dogs looked concerned as they anxiously awaited the safe return of their best friend, César. Cris soon learned that the man had taken it upon himself to care for these stray dogs. Without them, he would be completely alone.

César admitted that he sometimes skips meals to make sure that the dogs have food.

They are all well taken care of and chubby. Seeing them like that, you get a warm feeling that these pups are loved.

The pups laid down on the ground by the hospital entrance as they waited for their human pal to get the treatment he needed. They knew it wouldn’t be long until he was back on his feet and playing with them.

The hospital staff brought the dogs inside and fed them while César got his medication. When they gave food to César, they quickly noticed he had a few bites then gave the rest to his canine friends.

Thankfully, César was safely discharged later. Cris Mamprim watched at the door as he wandered away with his dogs by his side. They were all wagging their tails with delight.

How awesome is this story? What a selfless man looking after these lovable dogs, even when he needed help himself.

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