Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminum foil to protect your car from theft

Technology has made life easier in lots of ways, including getting around in our cars. For those with newer vehicles, a simple push of a button or close proximity can unlock and turn your car on.

This is fantastic! What a wonderful feature when my arms are full of groceries or I can’t rummage in my purse for the key.

There are always a few drawbacks to these comforts as well. More and more cars are being stolen by criminals despite what seems to be added security.

When newer cars and keys communicate, it is done by a type of signal. A computer piece in the key pairs with a computer piece in the car. It gives off a radio wave. This signal can be picked up by thieves who are more advanced. Not only will the car unlock but it will start up as well. This allows for a fun joyride without a physical key needed in the ignition.

The ADAC group tried these techniques with signals abused by criminals. 22 types of vehicles from various companies were explored. The result showed that all of the cars became unlocked and able to be driven away.

There is one simple way of preventing this. By putting your keys in foil (yes, from your kitchen) one can block the signal from being manipulated.

Authorities also suggest keeping your key in a container that has foil when at home and use a lock for your steering wheel.

Who knew something so inexpensive and simple could protect something very pricey from being stolen.

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