Have You Heard The Voice Of The Lord?

The voice of the Lord is powerful.

Psalm 29:4

Listen Closely

With the frequency with which we use earbuds and headphones, it’s no wonder that doctors often warn us about the consequences of listening at high volumes. Maybe we love a particular song or vocalist so much that we want the music as loud as possible. Maybe we want to hear each word of our audio book clearly above the ambient noise around us.

At times, most of us probably wish we could turn up the volume on God’s voice, hearing his response to us loud and clear. Most of the time, however, we have to slow down, still our hearts before him, and listen closely. Our Father rarely shouts in our ears; instead he whispers in our hearts through the presence of his Spirit.

Even when it’s only a whisper, the voice of the Lord remains powerful. We don’t need to put on earphones to hear it. We simply have to listen.

Pray: “Dear God, so many sounds clamor for my attention each day. Above the noise around me, please speak and give me ears to hear.”

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