He sings alone in a church, but when he is joined by 5 other versions of himself, you’ll be doing a double take

Peter Hollens is an a cappella artist based out of Eugene, Oregon who uses his vocal prowess to breathe new life into the Michael English classic “Mary Did You Know.” He begins singing by himself in an empty church, but slowly more and more projections of Hollens (thanks to the wonders of video editing) eventually join him, creating a wonderful one-man a capella group. This editing technique is one that Hollens has used in several of his videos in the past.

Hollens first became involved in a cappella when he formed the University of Oregon’s first a cappella group — The Rocks. Now, Hollens is best known for his YouTube success, and he regularly uploads covers and original songs to his channel.

Hollens began his YouTube career in 2011, and often collaborated with other popular YouTube artists, such as the famed strings player Lindsey Sterling. In 2012, Hollens released his first full album.


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