Has Jesus Washed You As White As Snow?

Read todays Bible’s message.

Keep yourself pure.
1 Timothy 5:22

After a long trip, especially if you’re camping or hiking, there’s nothing like a hot bath or shower. Warm water never felt so good on your skin. The clean scent of soap washing away layers of dirt refreshes you like nothing else. Scrubbing your hair with shampoo makes you feel reborn.

This same sensation of cleansing is possible if we’re willing to follow God’s guidelines and keep our bodies and hearts pure. The two go together, so we have to make sure that we’re eliminating the harmful pollutants that we encounter in the world. We also have to make sure we’re immersing ourselves in God’s Word, confessing our sins in prayer, receiving God’s forgiveness, and serving others.

By God’s grace, we are washed as white as snow, forgiven our sins, and purified through the love of Christ.

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Pray: “Jesus, I feel so worn down sometimes, dirty and tired from all the daily battles of life. Thank you for making me clean again.”

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