Girl Video Calls With Soldier Dad And Runs Out Room In Tears

The song ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas” as a whole new meaning for a little girl whose dad is in the military.

Army Capt. Eric Morski has been in Nepal for the last 6 months. He maintains a close relationship with his daughter who is just 10 years old. The two frequently video call each other, almost daily. Eric calls at his dinner time, which is when Iliana is enjoying breakfast. The two have their meals together and start and end the day.

Iliana and her mother recently decorated the house for the holidays. This included a Christmas tree the two spent time on. They had a great time working on it and it brought joy for the holiday in the home.

On a recent video call, Iliana was talking to her dad when she noticed something different. She started to recognize the Christmas decorations and tree in the background. After taking a second or two to figure things out, she got it! At that moment she knew her dad was actually home and in the living room.

She was overwhelmed with love and emotion for her father. “Daddy! Daddy!” she yelled. She found him and the two hugged. As the little girl cried she told her dad how much he was missed and her tears were not from being sad.

Eric plans to be home for 2019 and looks forward to being with his family.

The holidays can be a difficult time for little ones to not have their parents. Many families have a loved one who is overseas serving our country. Prayers for military families who are unable to be together this holiday season.

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