Girl Belts Out 80-Year-Old Song, The Voice Judge Whips Chair Around With First Word

Some children are just natural-born performers. They seem to be born with a microphone in one hand and a mic stand in the other. These special kids seem to never shy away from the spotlight. And well, Anna is one of these children.

Appearing on The Voice Kids, Anna amazed everyone when she performed a jaw dropping rendition of a 1940s hit.

For the blind auditions, Anna chose to sing Judy Garland’s classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

There have been thousands of different renditions done of the famous song from Wizard of Oz, but still, none are quite the same as Anna’s.

In the video, you can see Anna take the stage for her very first performance with no fear.

As she starts to sing, Anna somehow manages to ‘WOW’ the first judge with literally not one word sung. She has not finished singing the first lyric “Somewhere” before the man spins his chair around.

The two remaining judges let her to sing a for a little bit longer, but after 45 seconds of her performance, they couldn’t help but spin around too.

Watch this amazing performance for yourself! Somewhere over the rainbow….way up high….

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